Friday, July 3, 2015

CORRECTION: You may NOT get a free copy of COME SIT BY ME by going to the NetGalley website. They have to approve you, by some algorithm I don't understand. Be patient, however, and I think there will be a giveaway of the book later on as part of the promotion.

In other news, a publisher called ChiTeen wrote me and said that they had seen COME SIT BY ME was being published, and they reminded me I had sent the book to them for consideration, so now they were no longer considering it. What they omitted was that I sent the book to them last November (2014)! It is the usual thing now for publishers and agents just not to reply to your submissions or queries, and after several months without hearing anything from ChiTeen, I sent the book to Booktrope, which is now about to publish it. Tells you a lot about the speed with which things are done at Booktrope.

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